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Much of the work of the Academic Senate is carried out through the standing councils and committees. The Committee on Committees, charged with appointing faculty volunteers to each council and committee, strives to achieve a balanced and diverse representation of faculty constituencies.


Executive Board (Exec)
Council of Faculty Chairs (CFC)
Anderson School of Management (AGSM)
College of Letters & Science (L&S)
Dentistry (Dentistry)
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS)
School of Arts & Architecture (SoAA)
School of Engineering (HSSEAS)
School of Law (Law)
School of Medicine (SoM)
School of Music (HASOM)
School of Nursing (SoN)
School of Public Affairs (SPA)
School of Public Health (SPH)
School of Theater, Film & Television (TFT)
Legislative Assembly (LgA)
Assembly of the Academic Senate (Assembly)

Academic Programs and Policies

Committee on Continuing and Community Education (CCCE)
Committee on International Education (CIE)
Committee on Teaching (COT)
Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools (CUARS)
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB)
Academic Program Review Committee (APRC)
Capital Planning Committee (CPC)
Committee on Budgets and Strategic Planning (CBSP)
Graduate Council (GC)
Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Scholar Well-Being (GS/PS WB)
Committee on Degree Programs (CDP)
Fellowships and Assistantships (FAC)
Administrative Committee (GC-Admin)
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC)
Undergraduate Council (UgC)
Committee on Admissions (Admissions)
Committee on Curriculum (Curriculum)
Committee on Honors, Awards and Prizes (CHAP)
Committee on Student Welfare (SW)
Administrative Committee (UgC-Admin)
Ad Hoc Scientific Inquiry General Education Committee (SIGEC)
Ad Hoc Diversity Syllabus Review Committee (Diversity)
Ad Hoc Mentoring Committee (Mentoring)

Educational Resources

Committee on Development (COD)
Committee on Instruction and Technology (CIT)
Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication (COLASC)
Council on Research (COR)
Faculty Grants Program Committee (FGPC)

University Community

Committee on Academic Freedom (AF)
Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CODEI)
Committee on Emeriti Affairs (CEA)
Faculty Research Lectureship (FRL)
Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC)


Committee on Charges (Charges)
Committee on Committees (ConC)
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP)
ClinCAP (ClinCAP)
Grievance Advisory Committee (GAC)
Privilege and Tenure (P&T)
Rules and Jurisdiction (R&J)